Should you run your Sage Evolution system on your own server, or on a hosted service?

We, at Unilynx, offer our Sage Evolution customers the choice of running on their own in-house server, or on one of our hosted servers. There are many reason why customers choose to run on a hosted service:-

  • Our hosting fee, at R350.00 per month per user, includes all remotes desktop licences, (TS Plus), as well as database monitoring and built-in data backups.
  • Servers are regularly upgraded and replaced, at no additional cost, enabling 100% compliance and peace of mind.
  • Server uptime is around 99.9%.
  • Data centres have high incoming band-width, resulting in good response times for remote users.
  • Besides been expensive and costly to run, in-house servers need to be replaced +- every 3 years, need to have special environments and can be stolen or damaged.

Some other reasons:-

  • Improved cash flow due to minimal start-up fess and low monthly subscriptions.
  • Anywhere, anytime access for finance, operations, and other stakeholders.
  • Ease and speed of getting started.

If you are interested in running your ERP system on one of our Hosted Servers, please Email or call 0861 695969.