Unilynx Internet – Providing Services to Business

The Internet requirements of a business are very different from the needs of home Internet users.

Home users generally want Internet and e-mail; which for an ISP means providing a 24-hour helpdesk manned by support staff to help users reset ADSL routers and setup e-mail accounts.

Our focus however, is on providing a service to businesses and is therefore less about providing Internet, and more about providing distributed network solutions and the skills to manage them. The services we offer are backed by senior network specialists with the experience to deal with any support requirement.

Service Offering:

  • VPN and WAN installations.
  • Corporate e-mail provisioning, virus and spam filtering.
  • SMTP Supreme, send and receive your e-mail from anywhere, anytime.
  • DNS services.
  • Web hosting and design.
  • ADSL variable IP and fixed IP solutions.
  • Wireless network installations.
  • Fiber and Wireless Internet access solutions.
  • Microsoft Business solutions.
  • On site server solutions for Firewall, Proxy and e-mail.
  • ASP and Disaster Recovery Platforms.
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