Unilynx is a Certified Sage Business Partner.

Sage 200 Evolution is an Enterprise Resource Planning solution that brings all aspects of your operating environment together, giving you the ability to control your financial situation as well as your relationships with your customers, suppliers and employees.

Developed within the Sage Evolution Framework, all components and modules in the Evolution range are fully integrated. They share a common interface, providing a consistent user experience. Microsoft ®’s SQL server database ensures data integrity and maintains all your data in one central database. Sage Evolution is Cloud Ready.

Sage Evolution as a core product is feature rich, but the add-on modules that are available make it a truly revolutionary ERP software solution. Sage Evolution is a fully developed South African product, with all pricing and annual maintenance in ZAR.

Unilynx markets, trains, installs and supports Sage Evolution. We can assist in migrating data from existing systems, or upgrading from for e.g. Pastel Partner to Sage Evolution. 

Unilynx has the facilities to assist with third party integrations e.g. Sage Pay or Credit Card transactions. We also handle Webshop integrations and bespoke developments.

We also offer our Sage Evolution customers the choice of running on their own in-house server, or on one of our hosted servers. There are many reason why customers choose to run on a hosted service:-

  • Our hosting includes all remotes desktop licences, as well as database monitoring and built-in data backups.
  • Servers are regularly upgraded and replaced, at no additional cost, enabling 100% compliance and peace of mind.
  • Server uptime is around 99.9%.
  • Data centres have high incoming band-width, resulting in good response times for remote users.
  • Besides been expensive and costly to run, in-house servers need to be replaced +- every 3 years, need to have special environments and can be stolen or damaged.

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Sage has a number of products, the main ones being Sage 1 (Online system for small companies, 1 to 3 users), Sage Evolution Enterprise (Medium sized companies, up to 300 users) and Sage X3 for Large Companies.


About Sage

Sage is a leading developer of accounting, payroll and business management software for the small, medium and large enterprise market. Since inception, Sage has developed an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the industry, establishing itself as a market leader in Sub Saharan region. Thousands of businesses use Sage to run their businesses and trust Sage to help them achieve their business ambitions. Sage is backed by the global Sage Brand.

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