Unilynx: Project Management Processes and Phases

Unilynx’s success can be attributed to building long term client relationships, in sync with the client, step by step, from the very first “meet and greet” meeting all the way down the line to implementation sign off, go lives and testing of new hardware installations

The journey begins with putting a face to a name and meeting all the role players and project champions in a face to face meeting with Unilynx’s energetic and innovative Sales Team.

In this meeting you will discuss your current IT/ERP hardware and software installation, your immediate and long-term requirements, shortfalls in your current system, your wishes, your dreams, where you want to grow your company.

Unilynx’s highly qualified and experienced Consulting and Technical Teams will gather in all the information from this introductory meeting, called the Analysis Phase, and will present you with a detailed Plan of Approach that is structured to give you a solution to your real time now requirements, yet flexible enough to grow and change with you and the constantly evolving needs of your company.

Solution Designs are cost effective, user defined, function specific, synergistic with your existing hardware and software. Unilynx’s Solution Designs follow a pre-set, proven path, using your current and future needs as building blocks to create Design documents and specifications, turning these into timeline specific Plans of Approach which lead onwards to Design Builds, Staff Training, Systems Testing and past the Go Live finish line.

Unilynx will provide you with detailed costing structures, demo’s of new products and equipment, multi-layered yet user friendly software solutions that will enable you to seamlessly upgrade your company’s operating profile with minimal downtime, empowering your staff at the same time through practical training sessions arranged around your operating hours by Unilynx’s hands on Training Team.

And the journey does not end here, Unilynx’s Support and Consulting Teams will construct a tailor-made Service Level Agreement that will combine ongoing training, systems maintenance and day to day problem solving, allowing you to concentrate on more essential business processes. 

From our very first friendly “hello” to the final sign off signature, hand in hand with you, Unilynx will design, integrate, support, supply and streamline your company into a business champion that can become a world class leader in your industry.

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