House owner gets off-grid electrical power at last.

A house owner in Mthatha in the Eastern Cape had no utility power. We supplied a 5KVA Pure Sine Inverter to Mr. A.G. Nair, owner of an electrical company, Amandla Elanga.

Amandla Elanga installed and setup the inverter to run a large fridge, a number of LED lights, a 2KW induction cooker and a  2KW iron (Not simultaneously).

Power is supplied by 4 * 200aH Deep Cycle Batteries, and 8 * 305W Solar Panels.

The system can have up to 12 Solar panels connected  to provide 90A DC input, and take up to 12 batteries, 3 sets of 4 batteries in parallel. 

Total installed cost was R58,000.00.


Happy Home Owner



2KW Induction Cooper running off the Inverter