Windows 10

You may have dealt with Unilynx in the past, but with very limited focus, e.g. PC repairs, ADSL accounts, Email etc, but you are probably not aware of the full range of services that we provide.

Below is a list of the areas within the computer industry that we are involved with, and where we can supply high levels of services and support.

  • We have offices in Cape Town, and have been in operation since 1990.
  • We have partners in all the major centres.
  • Supply, setup and service of all brands of Desktop PC’s, Laptops, Servers, Networking Equipment, Printers etc.
  • Supply and installation of Memory and SSD replacements.
  • Supply and installation of Inverters and UPS’s, from 1 to 10 KVA, including full Solar installations.
  • Supply and installation of CCTV camera systems.
  • VPN, WAN and LAN installations.
  • Software support for all Linux, MAC and Microsoft workstation and Server products.
  • Corporate e-mail provisioning, virus and spam filtering.
  • DNS services.
  • Web hosting and design.
  • ADSL variable IP and fixed IP solutions.
  • On site server solutions for Firewall , Proxy and E-mail.
  • Disaster recovery strategy planning and implementation.
  • ERP platform co-located hosting.
  • Bespoke Web Based system design and development.
  • Software integration of different systems.
  • BI (Business Intelligence).
  • We are a certified Pastel Business Partner, and provide assistance for new and existing Sage installations, including POS systems.


Windows 10 to Upgrade or not  ??

Many customers are experiencing issues with the free upgrade from Windows 7 and 8 to Windows 10.
We have now managed many of these upgrades, and despite many rumours to the contrary, Window 10 is a vast improvement on the previous Windows versions.
Contact us for support and advice on this topic.

For more information on any of the above, email , call Alan on 0861 695969, or visit our Web Page at