Plant Ranch Centurion has slashed processing times for card payments from an average of a minute to less than a few seconds following its implementation of EFTS for Sage Evolution Retail POS – a new feature supported in Version 7
of Sage Evolution. 

This nursery opened its doors in 2009 and chose Sage Evolution as the business solution that best met its requirements. It has relied on Sage Evolution to manage core business processes such as stock management and financial reporting ever since. When Sage Pastel introduced EFT debit credit, and cheque card payment integration in Version 7, the company leapt at the opportunity to streamline its card payments process.

Says Jan van der Westhuizen, Head of Store Operations at Plant Ranch Centurion: “As soon as we went live with EFTS for Sage Evolution Retail POS, we saw an immediate improvement in queue lengths because our cashiers were able to process transactions much faster. Even our customers remarked on the speed and efficiency of our payments process.

“We were also very impressed with the support we received from Sage during implementation. When we encountered technical hiccups, Sage sorted them out very quickly. This solution has helped us to streamline our business, but the impact on customer service is also a major benfit for us.”

EFTS Payments for Sage Evolution Retail POS is driven by Innervation’s Destiny Card Payments. It provides merchants with a fast, safe, convenient and cost effective way to accept and receive payments by credit, debit or cheque card.

The Destiny Card Payments Service connects the Sage point of sale software to the bank-provided number pad device in store and is integrated to all of the four major banks in South Africa. It is able to switch Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Diners card payments.

Because it integrates directly with the Sage Evolution software, it facilitates easy bank reconciliation – it’s no longer necessary to upload card machine batches to the accounting software.

Says Sage Pastel Accounting General Manager,Daryl Blundell: “EFTPOS integration with support for different card payment devices was one of the features mostly commonly requested by retail users of the Sage Evolution suite. With full support for this feature in Sage Evolution Version 7, a simple setup process is all it takes to transform a customer’s point of sale devices into dynamic payment portals that integrate into all major banks as well as their ERP software.” 

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