ADSL Packages

Below are some of the ADSL packages offered by Unilynx Internet:

Firstly an explanation, an “Un-shaped” account is an account that does not have the speed restricted if the Cap is reached, whereas a “Shaped” account is an account where the speed of the connection is dropped to “very slow” once the Cap is reached. The Cap is the amount of bandwidth that you purchased.
All amounts are billed per month via debit order.

Business capped, unshaped accounts:
15GB = R367.00
20GB = R435.00
30GB = R525.00
40GB = R700.00
50GB = R870.00

Business Uncapped, unshaped accounts:
2Mbps = R367.00
4Mbps = R760.00

Consumer Uncapped, shaped account:

(Even though this is an Uncapped account, fair use policy applies, and the speed will be throttled once the usage is deemed to be excessive, +- 70GB per month and varies with the different service providers)

2Mbps = R285.00
4Mbps = R340.00

So you can see from the above that the business uncapped account is the best to go for if you do a lot of downloads. e.g. movies.

If you would like more information, or would like to subscribe to one of our ADSL packages, please email or call Alan on 0861 695969.