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Server Installation at Pam Refrigeration in Killarney Gardens with Power Over Ethernet (POE) and Local Area Connections at the top of the cabinet and servers at the bottom


Solar Installation at a private residence in Cape Town, 14 * 250W Solar panels generating up to 3500W, using a 4KVA Grid Tied wall- mounted Pure Sine Wave Inverter.





CCTV monitoring screen and control unit. The system allows real time viewing on a TV, as well as remote Live and Searching via the Internet, using a PC, Laptop or Note Pad.


CCTV Camera Installation, view of one of the Cameras mounted on a pole. Private residence in Constantia, Cape Town.


Another Solar Panel installation, using 250W panels fed into a Pure Sine Wave Inverter.

Our offices, Unit B1A, Plum Park 25 Gabriel Road Plumstead, 7800


Unit B1A, Plum Park, Aerial View

Aerial view of our new offices, Unit B1A, Plum Park, 25 Gabriel Road, Plumstead. 7800 GPS Coordinates: 34.01995035,18.46540402



We supply and install various movie streaming options, such as Netflix, Showman etc.


We supply and install a range of Pure Sine Wave Inverters for our customers.



We offer a wide range of Note Books and Tablets Below is an example of the Mustec offering.


We are a regsitered Sage Pastel business partner. We supply & support many installtions.