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Unilynx Software – Matching needs to solutions

Our philosophy is to match a business need to the most appropriate solution.

Finding a software package to fit your company should be a consultative process
not a sales job.We will meet with you and your staff in your environment so we can see first-hand how your company operates. Armed with this data we find the best software for the job.

Over the years we have built a network of experienced consultants. We have resources to support all the popular ERP and accounting solutions.

Some of the packages we support:

Enterprise by HansaWorld - ERP system for midsize and large companies

At its core HansaWorld Enterprise ERP system offers the typical Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) modules of accounts, order processing, stock, manufacturing and job costing. By offering a range of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) modules, such as email, document management, graphical calendars and schedulers, and a bulletin board, all in the same application, HansaWorld Enterprise ERP system is able to deliver a unique level of interaction between its component elements. HansaWorld ERP system also provides a series of modules designed for specific industries, all with the same potential for interaction with other parts of the system. It uses an unrivaled range of technologies to extend the software availability throughout your organisation and beyond, at the same time reducing reliance on costly interfaces between applications thereby offering the lowest total cost of ownership available in the mid-range.

Books by HansaWorld - integrated accounting for small companies

Books is the easy-to-use accounting application for Mac OS and Windows by the multi-award winning software house HansaWorld. It allows you to design and create invoices, keep track of customers and suppliers and pull comprehensive reports about your business - all in one application. Since Books is based on the same acclaimed engine as Enterprise, the world's best business system, you get the advantage of unlimited scalability straight out of the box.

IQ Enterprise

Take advantage of your business environment's opportunities with the very best from the IQ range of software. IQ Enterprise is a broad based financial and functional system that utilises the latest business trends and best practices to place those vital controls in your business that you deem necessary.

IQ Restaurant

IQ Restaurant is the complete hospitality solution for small to large, from back office to front office.Providing a stable, fast and user friendly graphical interface (GUI), IQ Restaurant with unsurpassed functionality and scalability will help control any size business and increase turnover, in half the time and with half the effort. With various user interfacing options such as touch screen, mouse, keyboard and programmable keyboards, allow waiter stations / PCs to be individually configured, allowing unique and diverse setups to be achieved.

Softline Pastel

Pastel is South Africa’s leading developer of accounting, payroll and business software for the small to medium enterprise (SME) market. Founded in 1989, Softline Pastel has developed an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the industry over the past 19 years, establishing itself as the market leader and the preferred choice of South African businesses.

SYSPRO Product

SYSPRO is one of the few mid-market business application vendors focused on developing a single source solution that does not require external applications to run the business. This single DNA ensures that the basic underlying structure and processes, as well as the look and feel have remained the same, making it easy for people to learn new features of the software and to grow and progress with our product over the years.

Softline Accpac

Imagine an accounting and operations software solution that puts your business first. That serves up the smart features and fierce power you and your employees need to get the job done efficiently and brilliantly. A solution that follows your pace of growth, adapts to your unique workflow, defers to your database and deployment preferences, and flexes with your organizational structure. Only, this solution isn't a figment of your imagination. And you don't have to be a big enterprise with deep pockets to afford it. It's called Accpac ERP accounting software, and it can change the way you think, work, and imagine


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